We live in the transitional era where two worlds collide – the traditional tangible assets collecting & the emerging NFT market that is shifting the focus to the metaverse. We believe both will evolve and flourish into the era of merging physical and digital worlds presenting the best of both realms. 

Multiverse Theater (MVT) creates a new type of NFT community that values transparency, security, and fair access to the world heritage of artifacts, antiques and contemporary art. We build an ecosystem of protocols, interfaces, and applications that enable smooth transition to the era of decentralized internet for people who lack the skills to interact with the blockchain. MVT democratizes the processes of creating new classes of digital assets that have intrinsic value and radically reduces the entry barrier to create value on web3. The platform respects the sovereignty of the users and supports decentralized login with own wallets, control over minted tokens and independent selling of NFTs on marketplaces. 

Our mission is to create a launchpad for digital artists who will find in MVT sources for inspiration, protection of their creations, and efficient tools to monetize their artworks. On the other hand, owners of antiques will be able to present, digitalize and boost the liquidity of physical objects without compromising security or regulatory compliance aspects. Finally, collectors receive exclusive access to curated NFT collections that are merged with antiques that drive their value. Thus, we create a level playing field and win-win-win for artists, artifact owners, and collectors.  

To be able to fully grasp the concept first you should get familiar with the 3 types of NFT collections that we will mint in the future.

  1. The Genesis Collection

The MVT will mint 10 000 Evolutionary NFTs that will give membership preferences and unlock exclusive perks and utilities to its owners. 

The artwork is inspired by some of the most well-known antiques and is created by a team of contemporary artists. Each NFT has a certain set of attributes that determine its rarity.

The Genesis NFTs could be linked to other NFTs and displayed in the Genesis NFT digital frame thus creating a new and constantly changing look of the Genesis NFT itself.

The Genesis NTFs will grant to their owners exclusive memberships in the MVT Gallery & Club, guaranteeing free or discounted access to the following:

  • The Hybrid Gallery and Club based in London.
  • The MVT Meta Gallery.
  • Special NFT drops and secret collections are available only for Genesis NFTs owners.
  • Early access to MVT drops.
  • Possibility to reserve slots for participation in NFT auctions.
  • Special events organized for Genesis NFTs owners
  1. Community Created and Curated Collections (the CCC Collections)

The CCC Collections are built following our robust and fair 4 step process:

2.1. Step One – Real antiques 

We collect unique artworks that our world-famous curators select and verify. Once a certain artifact is verified and approved, we prepare all the necessary assets for its presentation – photos, 3D models, videos, history details about the object and the epoch, previous owners, etc., that are mandatory for the collection data and that will help artists understand better and get inspired. The MVT team members from Apollo Galleries will leverage their expertise to guarantee that only authentic antiques with high aesthetic value will be published on MVT. We will present attractively and engagingly the story behind the antiques emphasizing on the historical context and other validated facts, related to the objects.

2.2. Step Two – Artists

Contemporary digital artists create unforgettable artworks that represent their interpretation of the real object and its story. They’ll have anywhere between 2 weeks and 45 days to develop their creative artwork and submit it on the MVT website. Once submitted, they will receive proof of authenticity and authorship of their work and will be reviewed by our team for approval. The artists will be encouraged to operate with utmost confidence and safety, as the copyrights of their creations will be protected by a certificate that is automatically generated and contains the timestamp, hash of the file, and other metadata registered in an immutable environment. 

2.3. Step Three – Community Vote 

The community is invited to vote for their favorite submitted artworks. The top 10-100 artistic creations which attract most of the votes are minted as NFTs. Only the winner is legally bonded through a newly minted NFT with the tangible artifact that is presented for inspiration. The NFT can be fractionalized thus enabling fractional ownership of the physical artifact.

The voting is being conducted using our algorithms and Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to ensure fairness of the process, transparency, and unbiased results. Results of the voting can be secured on selected blockchain networks and reflected in the metadata of the NFTs. (see Chapter V., 3.4.)

After each voting process, the community selects:

  1. Tier 1 NFTs – The winning NFT that is legally bonded with the ownership of the artifact.
  2. Tier 2 NFTs – the top 30 NFTs from the collection.
  3. Tier 3 NFTs – 70 NFTs (30-100 in the competition) completing the collection.

2.4. Step Four – Sell & Display

We sell the NFT collections through the leading marketplaces and then exhibit both the real antiques and digital artworks in London. For Tier 1 NFTs the smart contracts will guarantee fair and transparent distribution of the selling price among the MVT (as the main platform and custodian), the artifact owner, and the artist who created the winning artwork minted as the Tier 1 NFT. The selling price of Tier 1 NFT will be determined in a way to guarantee that it will cover the floor price for the buyout of the artifact. Thus, the owner of the physical item will receive the desired amount to transfer ownership over the artifact.

MVT will serve the role of the custodian that preserves the antiques, and guarantees to their owners that their assets are safely stored, guarded, and displayed in the MVT hybrid gallery in London.

In the second stage of the project, once we launch our Next Multiverse Marketplace, we will be able to conduct part of drops, exclusively using our infrastructure and being able to give special perks and exclusive access to Genesis NFT and Tier 1 NFT owners.

  1. Special Collections 

Occasionally we will create Special Collections in collaboration with well-known NFT artists and creators. Those collections won’t follow the CCC Collections steps but will have limited pieces in each collection and will be linked with antiques carefully selected and verified by our curators.

3.1. Multiverse Theater Galleries – the Hybrid Gallery in London and the Meta Gallery 

The first CCC and Special Collections together with some of the Genesis NFTs will be presented and exhibited in the Apollo Galleries Central London location.

After the MVT Genesis Collection Initial Sale, our team will start working towards building the MVT Hybrid Gallery and Social Club in London. Depending on the Initial Sale success we will decide on the location, capacity, interior, and all the questions related to the gallery and the social club.

We will also start building our MVT Meta Gallery that will be opened for users from all over the world.

3.2. Next Multiverse – the Marketplace 

In the first stages of the MVT, we will build the infrastructure necessary for the artwork submission, voting, and minting but we plan to use only external marketplaces for the NFT sales.

Part of our roadmap is the creation of our Marketplace with tailor-made features, designed to answer the needs of both the ancient artifacts and tangible art and antiques collectors and the NFT collectors’ expectations.

Next Multiverse will allow owners to submit their antiques, communicate with NFT artists, design their drops on the platform, and many more features that will lead to the democratization of the whole industry. The implementation of the marketplace will unlock benefits and features such as:

  • Lazy-minting on MVT eliminating the requirement to pay a gas fee before an NFT is sold.
  • Private NFT galleries with invite-only access.
  • Exclusive drops for loyal members of the community and NFT owners.
  • Customizable smart contracts for automated value distribution. 
  • Reserving and transferring slots for participating in NFT auctions.
  • Interoperability via integrating popular wallets, blockchain protocols, and services.