Ideas and revolutionary concepts should be launched and executed when the market is ready to grasp them.

We believe that a mixture of events has created the perfect storm and the right situation for the Multiverse Theater launch. Everything started with the Coronavirus crisis that accelerated online sales growth (see Figure 1) in the relatively conservative $50 Billion Ancient Art and Antique market. Most of the galleries all over the world suffered multiple side effects and problems with their supply chains, issues with the access of customers from strategically important regions, psychological barriers related to the collectors’ concerns, and more. But as we know – the crisis often ignites the necessary spark for entrepreneurs that are willing to change their business approach and to explore new opportunities.

Figure 1. Total online sales of the art and antique market worldwide from 2013 to 2020

But even more important and fascinating is the market growth of the NFT segment. 

As illustrated in Figure 2 based on data from DappRadar, trading volumes of NFTs reached $22bn in 2021, compared with just $100m in 2020, and that the floor market cap of the top 100 NFTs ever issued – a measure of their collective value – was $16.7bn.

Figure 2. The global volume of traded NFTs in 2020 and 2021

The third aspect that defines the market conditions as perfect is the fractional ownership trend that platforms such as Masterworks (valued over $1 Billion already) boosted during the past two years.

According to Masterworks’ internal research [1] based on data from FRED (St. Louis Federal Reserve), MSCI Database, and Yahoo Finance art investments outperformed other investment opportunities such as Gold and the S&P 500 (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Art investments as compared to other investment opportunities.

With the imminent end of the pandemic and the steady growth of the NFT market and  Web3 we will inevitably witness a renaissance in our society. We are far from thinking that the Metaverse will replace the real-life interaction between us. On the contrary – Multiverse Theater will foster the intersection of the two realms creating a new way of building communities. 

And the right time to start is NOW.

[1] MASTERWORKS, “Understanding art as an investment”,, page 8, Nov 2020.