The premiere of Multiverse Theater is at the NFT event of 2022 in the Netherlands: NFTx on the 16th of February at Cupola XS in Haarlem. Our team presented the project at a networking booth and participated in the organized sessions. We received first-hand feedback, gathered actionable insights, and initiated cooperation with partners. We are glad to share that the concept of creating a digital representation of artifacts and moving traditional art to the virtual 3D world as a tradable crypto asset is very well received. 

The premier of Multiverse Theater at NFTx event

More than 250 NFTx guests gathered at the epic Koepel Haarlem Cupola XS location for a day full of inspiration and networking. The venue is a landmark location – a former prison turned into a collaborative space for digitalization and innovation activities for SMEs. Cupola XS is an example of the resourcefulness of the Dutch people and demonstrates the efficient utilization of infrastructure in The Netherlands. The round building of Cupola XS (occupied by prisoners in the past) is now a community center of tech companies, public stakeholders, knowledge institutions, digital trainers, corporate teams, and many SME entrepreneurs and employees.

The premier of Multiverse Theater at NFTx event

Some of the highlights during the event included insights shared by speakers from Rarible, Adidas, and Sotheby’s. A live NFT auction took place where 2 NFTs were sold for 13 000 euros and donated to a charity.  Furthermore, NFTx hosted ten high-quality breakout sessions and deep dives provided by top professionals in their field of expertise. And Multiverse Theater is one of the 20 companies which showcased their work and projects with the audience. 

Emiliyan Enev from our team picked several takeaways that might be interesting to you:

– NFTs are about giving back perception of content that is rare and more exclusive – e.g. access to a song that didn’t make it to the album. 

– Blockchain enables the opportunity to orchestrate and collaborate on creating a shared value together. That’s why proper governance is so important. 

– A very interesting use case about NFT is proof of engagement. That is a game-changer because you can become a wallet of yourself. 

– One of the challenges for the adoption of blockchain solutions is that even if the top managers greenlight a project, the middle managers have a hard time implementing the solution. 

– One emerging use case of NFTs is granting exclusive membership tickets with special perks and benefits. Then the NFTs become a token of status and significance that unlocks advantages to its holders.