Apollo Gallery moves forward and continues to innovate, looking to digitalize the world of collecting by partnering with the Multiverse Theater project. Changing the experience offered to our clients, evolving the process of collecting and buying to a whole new adventure. Apollo looks to simplify transactions while offering safety throughout the process. Along with, unifying communities and bringing accessibility to all. 

From a young age, Dr. Ivan Bonchev has been inspired by the vast world of antiquities. When he was six years old, he got a taste for collecting after inheriting a collection of antiques from his grandfather. This would spark his interest and lead him to spend his teenage years joining excavations, attending coin fairs, and taking courses on Ancient Art including a BA in Archaeology and Art history (University of Sheffield) and Mst in Classical Archaeology and Ancient Art (University of Oxford).

Years later after starting a gallery in Marylebone, London in 2010, he is the owner and creator of Apollo Galleries and Auction House. With a total of 15 years of business experience and a Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology, Ancient Art, and Numismatics from the University of Oxford. He has raised a collection of antiquities from cultures such as Asian, Egyptian, Medieval, Viking, and Neolithic. Most of these artifacts are on display at our gallery currently located in Bloomsbury London, just across the road from The British Museum. Apollo has become one of London’s fastest-growing antiquities galleries, with over 20,000 customers worldwide and a vast collection.

Throughout the years’ Apollo Gallery has thrived, working and collaborating with clients from creative backgrounds consisting of interior designers, collectors, and museums, providing expertise with artifacts and creating spaces with incredible one-of-a-kind pieces.

We have always been keen to stand out in this industry, think outside the box and create new and innovative ways of presenting our collection to customers. We take pride in our social media platforms and build connections with new and existing clients from all over the world. Our team has worked to create marketing campaigns, which not only present the item well but also portray their story, to bring the past to the present.

By participating in new platforms, we can start understanding and mapping out the gaps in this industry. We are constantly learning and taking our next steps to grow as an antiquity gallery and auction house. Day by day, we find ways to bring ancient art to the modern world and make it more accessible for everyone to participate in collecting, buying, and much more, with more safety than ever guaranteed.

How do we address and move forward from the current problems that lie within the antiquity market? Multiverse Theater has all the answers to the problems we face today, providing our customers with safe and legitimate transactions while bringing art communities together to collaborate and create a post-modern infusion of antiquity and contemporary/digital worlds.

Starting with the lack of accessibility of ancient/modern artifacts, we look to bring these items to customers with the speed of a click of a button, instant part ownership of some of the world’s most known antiquities, while also acquiring a piece of a unique digital content that has been created specifically and chosen by the community for the antiquity by a digital/contemporary artist; this digital piece is called an NFT. No matter who you are or where you are in the world, this excludes any prejudice towards you or anyone.

This also bridges us over to collaborate and connect with the world of contemporary and digital arts. Not only does this bring something new into the world of ancient art but also into the world of digital art, to work together and create spectacular pieces, in which we can work together and bring up more digital artists and create recognition for them.

Apollo brings digital artists the opportunity to sell their works with a digital mark forever to be recorded on the blockchain along with the artifact that it is bonded to. Meaning it can never be stolen or claimed by anyone else, which has proved to be a problem for digital content creators before.

Throughout the years’ many dealers, as well as galleries have had troubles with the authenticity of items and paperwork. Items might be lacking in provenance which can trace back to excavation in some cases, this can bring artifacts’ value down significantly as it’s no longer proof that the item might be authentic and genuine. Buying online can also bring some uncertainty of safety, buying fraudulent and stolen art can lead to both losses of assets as well as legal costs. This is where Multiverse Theater comes in and eliminates these problems. With every transaction that is made, the blockchain will record it. The blockchain is an online database that captures every transaction that is made with all the details of what you have bought and who and where it was bought before. This confirms and reassures you that this is the safest transaction that you make with no more lost paperwork and items that are inspected and verified by us at Apollo.

Moving on to create the world’s first-ever, a community-owned gallery in central London. The gallery would hold and store all the items that clients fractionally own alongside the digital art that was inspired by the artifact. This means that you will no longer have to worry about the safety or storage of these items, being displayed for you and others within the community to view whenever you please. No more shipping costs or worries about artifacts being damaged. 

With the help of the Multiverse Theater, we look to solve the biggest problems that flood the antiquity market. Due to the endless possibilities that the blockchain and NFTs offer, Apollo Galleries and Auction House will be setting an example of the art market’s future and setting future trends.